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CURE Brings Mobile Screening to Maragusan for Disability Awareness Celebration


National Persons with Disabilities Accessibility and Rights (NDPR) Week is an annual celebration that advocates for the rights and inclusivity of persons with disabilities. Embracing this year’s theme, “Persons with Disabilities Accessibility and Rights: Towards a Sustainable Future where No One is Left Behind,” Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital (Tebow CURE) participated in the event. On July 18, 2023, the hospital organized a mobile screening event in the municipality of Maragusan, joining hands with the local government unit (LGU) to identify children with treatable conditions who need surgical interventions.

Executive Assistant II, Mr. Emmanuel Abyan representing the Municipal Mayor welcomes the attendees of the mobile screening.

Maragusan, a municipality in Davao de Oro, is more than 160 kilometers from Davao and home to 24 barangays with a population of over 70,000. During NDPR Week, Maragusan’s government prepared a series of activities for its citizens with disabilities, which were held simultaneously with the screening at the Municipal Tennis Court. During the said screening, a total of 46 patients qualified for surgery; among them were cases of cleft lip and palate, clubfoot, orthopedic issues, hernia, and plastic surgery.

Tebow CURE is a community-based hospital that provides Christ-centered care and charitable surgeries for children with treatable disabilities. In this model, the hospital is the one actively seeking patients by going to the communities and identifying patients.

Jasmine Golo, Officer In Charge and Social Welfare Officer 1 Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office (MSWD), also expressed her appreciation, saying, “This is a great way to celebrate NDPR week so that our constituents with disabilities can receive assistance, especially those who cannot afford medical treatment for their patients. That’s why we partnered with Tebow CURE to give them a chance to improve their situation. This partnership holds great significance since it not only offers sponsored surgical treatment but also paves the way for these children to become resilient individuals with equal opportunities. Our current administration is dedicated to ensuring the well-being of those in vulnerable sectors.”


The Field Workers spearheaded by Tebow CURE Patient Support & Services Department spearheaded by Elvhielyn Fernandez partnered with Officer In Charge_Social Welfare Officer 1 Municipal Social Welfare and Development Office Jasmin Golo.


Tebow CURE Patient Support & Services Director, Elvhielyn Fernandez, shed light on how the hospital ensures that children with disabilities receive the necessary medical care they need. She said, “We collaborate with the LGUs for the mobile screening events to screen and identify potential patients who can benefit from the services we offer. As part of the partnership, the local governments provide transportation for these patients during consultation, upon admission for surgery, and during post-operative consultation schedules. Our Spiritual Ministry Department also partners with the pastors of the local churches to ensure that the emotional and spiritual needs of the patients, their families, and their communities are taken care of. We are grateful for these partnerships that greatly contribute to our mission of healing the sick and proclaiming the kingdom of God.”

Rhian (pictured right) was one of the patients we met at the Maragusan mobile screening. He will be scheduled for a consultation at the hospital in the coming months. Read his story here.

NDPR Week plays a crucial role in promoting disability rights, raising awareness, and fostering a more inclusive society in the Philippines. For Tebow CURE, being an active participant in this cause is of utmost importance as we strive to improve services and support for children with treatable disabilities across the country.

The ministry of Tebow CURE echoes the compassionate acts of Jesus in Matthew 9, as He went throughout all the cities and villages, proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom and healing every disease and affliction. Just as Jesus demonstrated love and care for those with disabilities, the hospital’s partnerships with LGUs and local churches aims to extend the same compassion to children needing physical and spiritual healing.


God is now using Mary Jean, a mother of a clubfoot patient, to help refer others to Tebow CURE as she became a PWD president.


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