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Night to Shine: A VIP Experience for Very Important People

More than 500 people—including 100 children with disabilities—lit up the Davao Convention and Trade Center at Night to Shine.


Filipinos are known for their love of celebrations and deep appreciation for love, especially during Valentine’s Day. However, for the Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital (Tebow CURE), celebrating love goes beyond romantic relationships and extends to include marginalized individuals such as teens with special needs. For the past six months leading up to February, the hospital has been busy preparing for Night to Shine. This prom event—hosted the weekend before Valentine’s Day in partnership with the Tim Tebow Foundation—is centered on God’s love for people with special needs.

After a three-year hiatus due to COVID-19 lockdowns, the Night to Shine event made a comeback on February 11, 2023, and it was made more special with the presence of Tim Tebow, the founder of the Tim Tebow Foundation, his wife, Miss Universe 2017 Demi-Leigh Tebow, and donors and friends from the foundation. They joined in celebrating with 100 guests who were crowned Kings and Queens of the prom. These included 73 former patients of Tebow CURE, 20 guests from Down Syndrome Association of the Philippines, Inc. (DSAPI), and 7 patients with limb loss who received prosthetic device assistance from Davao Jubilee Foundation, Inc.

Churches and organizations from all over Mindanao have also come together to volunteer and serve our Kings and Queens, showing how the body of Christ celebrates God’s love for children with special needs.

The Davao Convention and Trade Center was transformed into a prom-like dance hall, complete with decorations, flashy lights, and music, perfect for dancing and celebrating. The guests were given the royalty experience and provided with free button-down polo shirts and dresses donated by partner organization, Seeds of Dignity. Professional hair and makeup artists generously offered their services for free to help everyone get red-carpet ready. Nor Rayray, a renowned Christian musician and a finalist of Philippines Got Talent, also delivered a musical performance and led worship. Nor shared his testimony of how God turned his own disability into an ability, inspiring the children and their families to see themselves in a different light.

“I sang ‘Di Ka Nagkulang’ because I want to inspire them, especially those like me who have a disability, that the Lord has never fallen short in His love for us. That’s why we should never lose hope. Trust in the Lord,” Nor Rayray shared in a Facebook post.


Nor Rayray led worship–encouraging guests to trust in the Lord.


In addition to celebrating teens with special needs, the Night to Shine event also highlighted the healing power of God for patients with treatable conditions who were treated at Tebow CURE. Among the attendees was CUREkid Ruel, who suffered from knock knees for eighteen years. Unfortunately, Ruel’s parents were unable to afford the surgery he needed. As a result, Ruel had to live with the disability. However, God led Ruel’s family to Tebow CURE where he started his healing journey and underwent initial corrective surgery in November 2022.


CUREkid Ruel pictured before his surgery to fix his knock knees.


Ruel’s recovery was just in time for him to walk down the red carpet and dance with other Kings and Queens at the Night to Shine event.

“My most favorite part was when I walked down the red carpet and people were cheering me on and clapping for me. I also enjoyed dancing with a lot of people. Although I was still using my walker, it didn’t stop me from dancing and enjoying the celebration. All of this was a first-time experience for me, and I am just super grateful to God for allowing me to be part of this!” Ruel shared.


After his life-changing surgery at CURE, Ruel can walk the red carpet.


Night to Shine is an event close to the hearts of couple Tim and Demi and their most favorite day of the year. Tim expressed his gratitude for being present and his honor in celebrating everyone as a King or Queen during the crowning ceremony:

“I was so fortunate to be actually born in the Philippines. It is an honor to be here and to celebrate all of you, to celebrate you as a King and as a Queen. And you know why we have a red carpet? Because in our society, red carpet signifies ‘VIP’ . . . That’s what you are to us . . . very important people. That’s why we cheer so loud when you’re coming down the red carpet because we want you to know how very important you are to us, but even more important, you are a VIP . . . to the God of this Universe . . .  We believe that’s how [He] looks at you and sees you, and how He loves you every single day of your life . . . ”


Tim and Demi Tebow say Night to Shine is one of their favorite events of the year.


Thanks to the generosity of the Tim Tebow Foundation and other partner and volunteer groups, the Night to Shine event has been an avenue to share God’s love and hope to those who need it most.

“Our partners make it possible to bring medical care, spiritual nurture, and even prom parties to vulnerable children around the world,” said Peter Cowles, Executive Director of Tebow CURE Hospital. “We are so grateful for the generosity of CURE supporters who care for children with disabilities.”

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