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Empowering Families, Empowering Voices: Tebow CURE’s Speech Camp


Sixteen patients and 18 caretakers participated in a two-day speech camp at Tebow CURE.


Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital of the Philippines (Tebow CURE), in collaboration with Smile Train Philippines, hosted a two-day speech camp called “Building Bridges with Words: Empowering Cleft Patients at Speech Camp” aimed at empowering patients with cleft conditions through speech therapy. The camp, held on April 6-7, 2024, marked a meaningful step in the journey of 16 patients and their families toward improving communication skills.

Collaborative Efforts for Change

Funded by Smile Train, this initiative united caregivers and professionals to assist cleft patients in mastering speech after their surgeries to repair their cleft conditions.

Peter Cowles, Executive Director of Tebow CURE, emphasizes the importance of the family’s involvement in a child’s speech therapy. “Speech therapy takes a lot of work, and all the parents and relatives who are here today are so important. You will dedicate your time to your children, work with them, and follow the advice of the speech therapists so your children can have an abundant life, the best life.”

Studies have shown that the success of speech therapy greatly increases when parents and families are actively involved in the process. Given the number of hours per day a child spends with family versus with a therapist, opportunities for practice are multiplied when parents encourage speech practice outside of therapy sessions.


Tebow CURE’s two-day speech camp was jam-packed with activities such as painting, games, interactive learning, and prizes.


The camp’s schedule included learning activities, playtime, and creative projects alongside intense speech practice sessions led by in-house Speech Therapists and guest Speech Therapist, Ainna Ventura.

This comprehensive strategy was designed to provide patients with the resources necessary to address speech difficulties following surgery, such as nasal speech, articulation errors, and intelligibility issues. Speech therapy plays an important role in the rehabilitation process, helping patients develop essential communication skills and ensuring long-term success.


Family-Centered Approach

Recognizing the importance of family support, 18 caregivers actively participated in the camp alongside the patients.

Russel, the mother of Zane, whose cleft lip and palate were treated at Tebow CURE, expressed gratitude for the life-changing camp. “We are immensely grateful for the speech camp. Through Tebow CURE and Smile Train, what seemed impossible for our children has become possible,” she shared. “When people see my son, they barely recognize that he was born with a cleft, and we are so proud of him for finishing his speech therapy sessions to improve his communication skills.”


Speech therapists coach parents on how to conduct sessions and actively participate in practicing with their children.


Caring for cleft conditions extends far beyond surgery—it also encompasses comprehensive, ongoing support, such as nutritional guidance, emotional counseling from our spiritual ministry staff, referrals to specialized orthodontists and dentists, and speech therapy. The partnership between Tebow CURE and Smile Train ensures that individuals with cleft conditions receive the necessary assistance for a successful treatment outcome and a better quality of life.

Click here to learn more about Tebow CURE’s comprehensive care for cleft conditions.

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