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Healing with a Heart: Dr. Micah’s Journey as a Pediatric Orthopedic Surgeon



Doctor Micah encourages a patient as he heals from a leg fracture.


Dr. Micah Tan, an orthopedic surgeon at Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital (Tebow CURE), grew up in a family with a strong connection to the medical profession. So, it was only natural that he gravitated toward a healthcare career.

His mother, a pediatrician, and his sisters, specializing in internal medicine and pediatrics, set a solid example. With his father being a pastor, Dr. Micah embraced the values of compassion and service early on. Given these influences, it’s no surprise that he felt led to become a pediatric orthopedic surgeon.

The Birth of a Calling

“My interest in orthopedics began at the age of 13 when I broke my forearm while playing football,” he shared. The experience sparked his fascination with the field, setting the stage for his future career. In 2010, he earned a medical degree at the Davao Medical School Foundation.

And Tebow CURE had a special place in Dr. Micah’s heart long before he joined the team in 2021. Passing by the hospital during its construction, he would pray, “Lord, I want to work here. If it’s your will, get me into orthopedics.” Eventually, his prayer was answered, and he pursued orthopedic residency training at the Southern Philippines Medical Center.


Dr. Micah with his wife, Marianne, at his graduation from medical school in 2010.


In 2021, Dr. Micah achieved the title of diplomate, and in 2022, he was inducted as a fellow with the Philippine Orthopedics Association. His dedication to continuous improvement led him to further training in July 2023 at the University of Hong Kong, where he honed his skills alongside mentors in a first-world medical environment.

Reflecting on his six-month training at the university, Dr. Micah notes, “Since it’s a first-world setup, we get to do the ideal treatment for patients. With the training, I was able to learn several ways of approaching a patient when it comes to treatment and combining techniques. It’s good exposure to different practices so I can better improve surgical outcomes for the patients we treat.”

The need for specialized care is apparent in the Philippines since only a few pediatric orthopedic surgeons serve in the Davao region. “Even though it’s less lucrative than other orthopedic subspecialties, it’s very fulfilling, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything else,” he shares.


Doctor Micah during his six-month training at the University of Hong Kong.


Embracing Tebow CURE’s Mission

Dr. Micah sees how his role as a surgeon aligns with Tebow CURE’s mission, comparing the team to “one body, many parts.” He says, “It’s a privilege and a blessing that I get to use my skills to help patients with conditions to improve their quality of life, and I get to proclaim the good news of hope and healing of Jesus through what I do.”

Dr. Micah also sheds light on the financial dynamics of pediatric orthopedics in the Philippines. “There is a higher prevalence of congenital orthopedic conditions and genetic problems in lower economic brackets, where families may lack the financial means to cover specialized and prolonged medical care. Poor nutrition in lower-income communities also contributes to deficiencies in bone health, making specialized orthopedic interventions necessary but financially challenging for families facing constraints,” he explains.

Moreover, the limited financial capacity of many patients in regions with economic disparities impacts the overall financial viability of pediatric orthopedics. Dr. Micah recognizes these challenges but remains dedicated to his commitment to seeing lives transformed for the better, both physically and spiritually.

This is part of what makes CURE so special—families with children facing treatable disabilities don’t have to worry about financing surgery and treatment because all of that is provided at no cost, thanks to CURE’s generous donors.

Dr. Micah’s goals include continuous learning and improvement as an orthopedic surgeon, focusing on enhancing the quality of patient care. He aspires to educate future generations of doctors and emphasizes the fulfillment derived from making a meaningful impact on patients’ lives.

At Tebow CURE Children’s Hospital, our medical team possesses not only world-class training and expertise but also a mission deeply rooted in compassion. In each surgery and consultation, the team reflects the values of love, mercy, and humility, embodying the heart of Micah 6:8, a verse Dr. Micah holds dear: act justly, love mercy, walk humbly. This combination of skill and heart truly distinguishes the hospital’s medical team and the quality medical and Christian care Tebow CURE aims to provide.

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